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Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

People want to know “Who is the best criminal defense attorney in the Portland area?” Like a lot of things, I think the answer is subjective. That is, what do you want to get out of the representation? You should consider a variety of things in selecting your criminal defense attorney.

Trust and Compatibility: I think this is the most important thing. If your attorney is incredibly knowledgeable but you can’t communicate with him or her, you won’t have a positive experience. If your attorney is an aggressive advocate, but you don’t trust that person to represent your best interests, this will not be a good relationship either. So, the first question in determining the top criminal defense attorney is “Can I work with this person in what may be one of the most important events in my life?” Does this person actually care what happens to me, or is he or she more motivated by his or her own reputation and collection of a fee?

Knowledge: Criminal law in Oregon is constantly changing. You need an intelligent, dedicated attorney who is up-to-date on the most recent changes and the most recent procedures.

Connected: You need an attorney who is well connected, who knows judges, district attorneys, other defense attorneys, and court staff. Sometimes a good relationship can make all the difference in a difficult case. You may have a great argument, but if you can’t get anybody to listen to you, then it will have no effect.

Aggressive: On the same note, the top criminal defense attorney can’t be afraid of being aggressive. Of course, D.A.s and some judges don’t always like it when multiple aggressive motions are filed in a case, or a thorough cross examination embarrasses a well-known police officer. The criminal justice system, for the most part, wants you to quietly transition from free to incarcerated. A top criminal defense attorney is not going to let that happen. He or she is going to put up a fight, even though that doesn’t always make him or her the most popular person in the courthouse. At the end, it’s not about popularity, it’s about making solid arguments, being zealously aggressive but polite and ethical, and being cordial even in the fight for your client’s life. In this way, you may not be as “popular” as the defense attorney who quickly lets his client get convicted so he and the DA can spend the rest of the day fishing, but you will be respected as a top defense attorney, and ultimately that is the goal.

Compassionate: This is not just a job. This is someone’s life. If an attorney doesn’t understand that, he or she shouldn’t be a criminal defense attorney.

Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

So, who is the best criminal defense lawyer in the Portland, Oregon area? If you want a dedicated, intelligent, aggressive, and empathetic attorney who is going to represent you like you were his best friend, then we are. Give us a call, we’re happy to talk about your case. Let’s see if we are a good fit. Barry W. Engle PC, 503-224-2171.