What do I say to get out of jury duty?

  27.02.2019   Barry Engle   Editorial   No comments

I get this question a couple of times a month. I get why people ask this, I really do. They are busy professionals with kids and mortgages. No one wants...

My adult son/daughter is using drugs. Should I call the police on them?

  6.02.2019   Barry Engle   Editorial   No comments

I frequently get calls from parents who have discovered that their children are using illegal drugs. They have attempted to give the child access to treatment but the child refuses...

I thought I passed the field sobriety tests. Why did I get arrested?

  17.01.2019   Barry Engle   Editorial   No comments

I met with another person recently who felt that they “passed” their field sobriety tests. Stated shortly, you can’t really tell if you “passed” them. There are two basic purposes...

Best criminal defense attorney in Portland, Oregon

  1.01.2018   Barry Engle   Editorial   No comments

People want to know “Who is the best criminal defense attorney in the Portland area?” Like a lot of things, I think the answer is subjective. That is, what do...

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