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What is Domestic Violence in Oregon?

Interestingly, domestic violence is not itself a crime in the State of Oregon. Rather, it is an enhancement for other crimes, usually assault, which has additional consequences on the person who has been charged with that crime.

Definition of domestic violence (ORS135.230 (3)): Domestic violence means abuse between family or household members.

Definition of abuse (ORS 135.230(1)): Abuse means either attempting to cause physical injury, causing physical injury, placing someone in fear of imminent serious physical injury, or committing sexual abuse.

Definition of family or household members (ORS 135.230(4)): Family or household members means either spouses, former spouses, adult persons related by blood or marriage, persons cohabitating with each other, persons who have cohabited with each other or who have been involved in a sexually intimate relationship, or unmarried parents of a minor child.

So for instance, charges like Harassment and Interfering with a 911 Call can’t be abuse under Oregon law and so cannot be domestic violence.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction

The consequences of domestic violence are substantial. They are as follows:

Special Domestic Violence Programs in Oregon Courts

Some counties have programs to encourage defendants to participate in the batterers' intervention class willingly.

Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for dismissal of your case upon successful conclusion of the batterers’ intervention classes.

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